FREESTILE by OBJECT CARPET: A new generation of flooring opens up new possibilities – CREATE THE UNEXPECTED

OBJECT CARPET presents FREESTILE, next generation carpet tiles.

An innovative, espe-cially flat weaving technique gives the floor covering its trim modern – for a carpet tile – extremely hard surface, yet still preserves all advantages of textile floor coverings with regard to comfort and health. 

FREESTILE is not only robust and minimalistic like a hard surface, but also preserves the proven advantages of textile, woven surfaces: This includes the enhancement of room acoustics (up to 20% in comparison with other hard surfaces). Also very high slip resistance as well as unrivaled pleasant walking comfort make carpeted floors a sought-after element in interior design. FREESTILE has proven itself as a forward-looking overall concept: A carpet tile which unites innovative design, outstanding useful-ness and sustainable environmental management at the highest level. 

Innovative Break with Convention 

True innovations break conventional standards – for over 40 years, OBJECT CARPET’s unconventional thinking has been the driving force in making carpet flooring that is ever better in quality, function, design and environmental responsibility. FREESTILE fully fulfills this pursuit of improvement in every way. From below, OBJECT CARPET’s fitting answer to the enormous demands of dimensional stability and acoustics is its innovative Acous-tic Plus Back Coating on highly compressed and thermo-fixed PET fleece. Visible from above is an exceptionally finely structured, attractive looking surface with a very classy appearance, which is also eminently suitable for people with allergies (TÜV-certified). FREESTILE demonstrably reduces particulate matter by over 50% in comparison to (stone) tiles or parquet floors. The GUI certification confirms these out-standing test results, which Web-Flex incidentally also passed with flying colours. 

Functional, innovative and exceptional in design 

Heavily frequented zones, for example in hotels, airports, sales rooms or trade fairs and convention centres are the field of application for this unique variable and robust OBJECT CARPET collection. Cultural metropolises steeped in history were godfathers to the sketches of designer duo Kathrin und Mark Patel. From Antwerp to Marra-kesh, from Tokyo and back again – here the design itself breaks boundaries. 16 dif-ferent, individualistic models in 4 respective color schemes constitute the point of departure of a unique spatial design. The key feature is that each motif is cut into a large individual 50 x 50 cm tile. Freely laid, an ever new total picture is creat-ed, which is surprisingly harmonious. In addition an innovative digital printing procedure on the newly developed woven structure in combination with intel-ligent designs provide unexpected effects. A multi-dimensional experience, which confers fascinating depth to the floor covering and makes every room and every floor an unmistakable original. 

Free of Conventions, Free of Toxins 

PET is the exclusive source material for the textile elements, which can be re-used after their period of use. The company from Denkendorf is not only in tune with the times in terms of design, but also the subject of sustainability is firmly anchored in their cor-porate philosophy. Thus OBJECT CARPET sets new quality standards, especially in highly frequented walking areas. Keeping floor coverings low in emissions and odours is also pertinent in this respect – FREESTILE is DiBt and GUT tested and certified, and therefore a secure and environmentally friendly flooring solution for both private living quarters and public spaces. Therefore once again, also with FREESTILE, OBJECT CARPET asserts its claim to being one of the most innovative carpet producers on the market. Because responsible utilisation of resources is just as much state of the art as luminous colours, and original patterns and textures. 

FREESTILE – An Overview of Characteristics: 

  • Free of PVC and bitumen 
  • Suitable for people with allergies (TÜV tested and certified) 
  • Reduces particulate matter (GUI Certificate) 
  • Low in emissions (tested and certified by DIBT) 
  • Low in odours (GUT tested and certified) 
  • Improves room acoustics and reduces footfall sounds 
  • Fibrous material manufactured from 100 % PET (100 % recyclable) 
  • Newly developed digital printing without use of water and drying processes 
  • Simple installation without glue adhesion 
  • Low-maintenance 
  • Surefootedness and high walking comfort via integrated comfort underlay 
  • Suitable for DGNB and LEED certified buildings 
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